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OFOSA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals' (OFOSA) mission is to rescue as many ‘last chance’ animals from overcrowded shelters, restore them to health, and through adoption, find them loving, forever homes. We believe this lifesaving mission is only possible with a deep respect for every single person involved: rescue partners, fosters, volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors, teammates, social media followers, vendors, adopters, and community members. That’s why [...]

Fostering: Like Planting Seeds

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By Bridget Clough We started our commitment to fostering in the summer of 2020.  It all began with us asking ourselves what we could do with our time that would have a positive impact, and the answer we came up with was fostering. The first time we signed up to foster puppies, thinking that it might be a good way to test the waters and see [...]

Fostering: Loving It!

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By the Collier Family After the passing of our family pet, we knew we wanted to care for a pet in some capacity. However, emotionally we were not ready for a forever pet. We thought about fostering, but we were not sure how our 5 year old would do. We explained to her the fostering process in which we would love and care for a [...]

Fostering: Dog Lover Fostering Cats

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My name is Donna Johnson and my husband Dave and I started fostering with the onset of quarantine.  We had all of this time and wanted to share some love with a needy puppy. There were so many volunteers throughout the city we could not find a pup!  We came across OFOSA and decided to give a cat a try.  We had never really been “cat people” before. [...]

Fostering: A Gift

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When you are blessed in life and an animal lover, it somehow seems fitting, when you have the time and patience, to become a foster. So I went to a couple of websites of shelters to see if there was a need. The reason I decided to get involved with OFOSA was that they seemed professional, caring, and helpful. This turned out to be true. [...]

Fostering: ‘Satisfying and Wonderful’

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by Michelle Forbes / Published February 4, 2022 We were lucky to adopt our family dog from OFOSA in 2015.  I met her foster briefly the day I picked her up and I remember thinking maybe I’d be in a spot to do that one day.  Our pup is such a sweetheart and has become such an important part of our family. I found myself thinking [...]

Fostering: A Fun Family Affair

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by Grace King / Published May 8, 2019 My name is Grace (that's me in the middle of the pic) and I’m in eighth grade and my family has been fostering for OFOSA for three years. My family fosters both cats and dogs. My family’s first foster was a pregnant cat who gave birth in my older sister’s closet. Her name is Julia and she [...]

Number 72…A Second Chance at Life

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by Stephanie East / Published May 1, 2019 Number 72. Before I meet a foster, before I get to know their personality, they represent a number on a list of foster dogs that I have had over the years. I've been fostering off and on for several years, starting in the Central Valley of California where many of our fosters come from. Since fostering in [...]

On Fostering: “I could never foster; I would get too attached.”

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by Jenn Coffman / Published April 24, 2019   My name is Jenn Coffman, and my family has been fostering mamas and their puppies for 4 1/2 years.  In that time our home has hosted very nearly 300 dogs.  Fostering has become part of our daily lives. I hear the above statement every time someone finds out what I do. I understand. I do get [...]

I don’t foster because it is easy…

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by Tracy Van Raden / Published April 8, 2019   My husband and I started volunteering for OFOSA eight years ago.  The first two years we committed to being kennel helpers and dog walkers. During those two years, we learned a lot about OFOSA'S mission and dedication to saving as many animals as they could from being euthanized just because shelters were overcrowded. We decided [...]

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