Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost or found a beloved pet?

Here are a few steps you should take to help find Fido or Fifi or to find their owners!

  1. Notify appropriate county animal services by filing lost or found report – typically online
  2. Post on Facebook, Lost/Found Pets – Washington County, Multnomah County Lost & Found Pets; Hillsboro Oregon Lost/Found Pets; or your local community page
  3. Post on NextDoor in your neighborhood
  4. Post on PawBoost
  5. Post on Finding Rover
  6. Talk with neighbors
  7. Hang brightly colored, waterproof flyers around immediate area
  8. Contact one of the local finder/trappers for help

Here are a couple of other resources that might help.

Helpful Things to Do if You Lost a Pet

How to Find the Owner of a Found Pet

What to Do if You Find Stray Kittens / Cats

OFOSA can accept stray cats but we cannot legally accept stray dogs. Check often with your local county shelter for lost dogs. If you have found a cat and would like to speak to us, please give us a call at 503-747-7818.

Current Found Cats in Our Care. If one of these is yours, please give us a call at 503-747-7818.

Cat 2
Adult Female, Grey Tabby, Spayed
Found 1/12/2021 in Forest Grove Near Tom McCall Elementary
Finder has seen her for over a month prior, has chip, owner contacted, no response
Cat 3
Male Kitten, intact, Black, 4-5 months old
Found 1/13/21 in Aloha Near Baseline and TV HWY Injured. 
Kinked tail
Cat 4
Adult Male, Tuxedo, Intact
Found 1/19/2021 in Hillsboro Near Orenco Gardens Apartments
Thinning fur on back, Short tail
Cat 6
Kitten Male, intact, Tuxedo, 5-6 months old
Found on 1/26/21 in Beaverton Near Allen and Lombard
Fluffy tail
Cat 7
Adult Female, Long hair Tuxedo, intact
Found on 1/27/21 in Milwaukie Near Milwaukie High School
Finder had been feeding for about 3 months prior