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Fostering: Dog Lover Fostering Cats

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My name is Donna Johnson and my husband Dave and I started fostering with the onset of quarantine.  We had all of this time and wanted to share some love with a needy puppy. There were so many volunteers throughout the city we could not find a pup!  We came across OFOSA and decided to give a cat a try.  We had never really been “cat people” before. I thought it would be great to not get so attached.  Lillie did I know how these creatures can make their way into your heart.  I have come to understand and love my little babies.  Even have one of our own now!It is hard to say goodbye to a foster but also so fulfilling to know you are helping to place a needy animal in their forever home. Christy and OFOSA do a great job!

If you’re interested in saving lives and having fun like Donna, please consider fostering! 

Go to: for more information and an online application!