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Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals has been working tirelessly for many years to save homeless pets from high-kill shelters.

OFOSA has grown from a small kitchen table operation with a handful of passionate animal lovers to become a respected leader in this cause, helping to support several local shelters, rescues and hundreds of foster homes. We transport thousands of animals every year out of overcrowded kill shelters from as far away as California. We have skilled and trained medical staff with a fully functioning spay and neuter clinic, providing thousands of surgeries per year.

Multiple times per month, volunteers jump in our custom configured transport vehicle and make their way to over populated kill shelters and gather as many animals as we can safely take back to  Oregon. We also receive air transportations from other organizations who bring in animals from other kill shelters, that would otherwise be beyond our reach.

With the help of our adoption partners, PetSmart, Petco, and Fido’s, and our dedicated volunteers, we are proud that we have been able to provide homes for over 99% of our rescued animals.

Every animal that we get at OFOSA is unique in personality and circumstance, however, we follow the same specific processes to provide the best possible outcome for a healthy, happy animal and a successful adoption. Some of our processes are listed below:

      • Medical Evaluation & Treatment
      • Spay or Neuter, without exception
      • Microchip
      • Vaccinations, Worm & Flea/Tick Treatment
      • FIV/FLeuk Test on all Cats
      • Grooming when needed, Bath, Nail Trims on all
      • Animal Photo & Information uploaded to
      • online database
      • Placing in Foster Home when available
      • Care in ensuring proper adoption match

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