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Adopt Some Louisiana Love

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Adopt Some Louisiana LOVE. Help save the life of a Louisiana flood pup.

Many of you have heard about the recent floods in Louisiana that have forced many families to become separated from their pets. Unfortunately, many of them were not tagged or microchipped and could not be returned to their Louisiana families. Anytime there is a surge of animals added to a shelter system, it puts all the animals there at a greater risk of being euthanized. It is incredibly sad when viable, healthy animals are put to death because of lack of funding.

OFOSA is now asking for your help in saving these beautiful lives. Please help us shore up our resources of funds, fosters and volunteers so we don’t have to leave any animal behind. OFOSA has so far received 22 beautiful Louisiana doggy souls rescued from the floods by Acadiana rescue and hoping to be able to receive more, if possible. Realistically put, the number of animals we can save depends on how much money we can raise for the cause and how many fosters and volunteers we can get on board.

Wings of Rescue, Best friends, and rescue express worked very hard to transport the dogs here. These dogs have been through a traumatic few weeks and we want to get them into a stable, calm more healthy environment. We have processed them in, assessed their condition, begun providing any needed treatment and as quickly as possible we want to get them to their temporary fosters for care while they wait to find a new forever home. Our current foster base is at near capacity, so anyone wanting to try out fostering on a temporary basis, this is your opportunity.

Some dogs do have a few health issues related to being in the flood and need a bit of care and medication. The dogs that are not already, will be either spayed or neutered, which, unfortunately, in this case, is the majority. OFOSA is the ONLY rescue that takes heartworm positive dogs because of our past experience and success with the Hurricane Katrina dog rescue.

If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer to come in and help take care of these sweeties, it will be greatly appreciated. We need people for hugs, baths, kennel cleaning, etc.
All help is greatly needed and appreciated. Please click here to make a donation.